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TomLamarCartoon in Action!

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produced by Ms. Brenda Colombel


Daily Trojan

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Back in the day (1962 – 1966), I was the cartoonist for USC’s Daily Trojan — offering up regular editorial cartoons, and then later political cartoons.  I even had my own cartoon strip entitled “Big T.”  Featured below is an example of one of my editorial cartoons.  Recently I stumbled across some of these old cartoons.  Click here to see a representation of this collection, or get to it using the link in the right hand column.  Enjoy.

“The Goldilocks Plan”

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I recently teamed up with my eldest son, Dr. Thomas Lamar, to illustrate a chiropractic newspaper/blog article he wrote entitled My Health Care Reform Proposal:  ‘The Goldilocks Plan.” (Click here to see a copy of how it appeared in the newspaper).  We are planning on collaborating on future articles and already have some in the works.  This is but one example as to how I can collaborate with someone to provide a unique and custom flair for their message.

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