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Back in the day (1962 – 1966), I was the cartoonist for USC’s Daily Trojan — offering up regular editorial cartoons, and then later political cartoons.  I even had my own cartoon strip entitled “Big T.”  Featured below is an example of one of my editorial cartoons.  Recently I stumbled across some of these old cartoons.  Click here to see a representation of this collection, or get to it using the link in the right hand column.  Enjoy.


Crowbar meets Spine

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“Crowbar meets Spine.”  That was my challenge with this piece for my son’s latest blog post entitled Crowbars and Chiropractic. In his article he explains that when you lift and twist at the waist with any sort of weight in your hands, you are essentially — from a mechanical point of view — jamming a crowbar into the base of your spine and having at it!

Need an illustration for your next blog post?  Let me know, I’m ready to help.

“Spare Parts”

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Ever try to draw tonsils? or an appendix? or a gallbladder?  Well, that was the challenge my son threw my way with his newest blog at SpinalColumnBlog.com.

His article entitled Spare the “Spare Parts” asks readers what the three body parts — Tonsils, Appendix, and Gallbladder — have in common.  His answer just might challenge you.  Here’s my illustration:

Have a blog post that you need a cartoon for?  Contact me… and let’s get to work. 🙂

Brain Hibernation

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Here’s another one for my son’s chiropractic blog.  When he asked me to draw up a brain that was sleeping, I didn’t think it would be too difficult…. Boy was I wrong!

“Brain Hibernation” is a theory that a couple of medical doctors came up with  (a general practitioner and an opthalmologist) to help explain why chiropactors sometimes witness bizarre improvements in their patients beyond the standard neck and lower back pain.

Stomach Doctor

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This is sort of an interesting sketch of a medically personified organ I drew for my son’s chiropractic blog.  He wrote an article entitled “Stomach Doctors.” Essentially, he argues the case that calling Chiropractors “Back Doctors” makes about as much sense as calling Medical Doctors “Stomach Doctors.”  Check out his SpinalColumnBlog to find out why.

Navigating the Chiropractic Technique Jungle

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If you’ve ever done some asking around to friends and family about what technique their chiropractor uses, you are sure to end up a bit confused. There are so many!  My chiropractor son’s article, “Navigating the Chiropractic Technique Jungle,” attempts to put a compass in your hand. I illustrated this safari-themed offering for his article.  Speaking of techniques, I used a special “artistic technique” myself on this drawing. It is called a “calligram” and is essentially when you use words to create your image.


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Just created a page containing a collection of cartoons I illustrated for the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology Newsletter.  Below is one of those cartoons.  You can see the rest by looking for them in the right hand column or  by clicking here.

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