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Where do you get YOUR pens?

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… You certainly wouldn’t rob them from a bank! Doing so makes about as much sense as associating llamas and 9-volt batteries.  And such is the case with chiropractic and symptom relief. Ya sure it works, but it kind of misses the point.  Read my son’s article  … I was happy to use my PEN to illustrate it, and would be happy to use it to help you as well.

Bank Robber stealing pens


Testing One… Two… Three

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Did you know that the first chiropractic patient was treated for deafness? Who would have thunk! My son asked me to illustrate an article he wrote for his chiropractic blog that summarized a research project that wanted to see if others with hearing loss could receive benefit in a measurable way. Check out the article to read their findings.

Now Hear This


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I realize that a cartoon of a guy barfing is not the most appealing to look at but that was what my son ordered up to illustrate his Vomit article for his chiropractic blog.  His article opens with the question: “When you vomit, are you sick?  Or are you well?”  Want to know the answer?  Click here to find out.

Vomit cartoon

Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum — Baaaa!

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One thing is for certain, Chiropractic — when it’s practiced in its pure an unadulterated form — is different.  It plants its flag firmly on the hill that your body is self healing and self regulating, as long as we don’t do things to obstruct this process.  Medicine just doesn’t seem to groove to this beat. My son asked me to illustrate his blog article entitled Healthcare’s Black Sheep — because chiropractic is different… and that’s a good thing.

Chiropractic Black Sheep -

Ride ’em Cowboy

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It is simply amazing to watch cowboys thrash themselves riding bucking broncs and bulls. Fortunately there’s a team of chiropractors that await arena-side to come to their assistance.  This illustration helped give my son’s chiropractic blog article that extra “kick” that it needed.

Rodeo Cowboy cartoon

Eating a Money Sandwich

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So what do you like on your sandwich?  Mustard, Mayo, Ben, or Jackson? The title of my son’s chiropractic blog article was “Eating for ‘Their’ Profit,” and it was my job to take a stab at illustrating it.  The article is a tongue and cheek reversal of sorts on the now growing awareness of what has been tagged The Anti Inflammatory Diet (you know the one that talks about Omega 3’s and 6’s).  So just who is the “Their” referring to in his article title?  Find out by reading his article.

Eating for their Profit

Daily Trojan

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Back in the day (1962 – 1966), I was the cartoonist for USC’s Daily Trojan — offering up regular editorial cartoons, and then later political cartoons.  I even had my own cartoon strip entitled “Big T.”  Featured below is an example of one of my editorial cartoons.  Recently I stumbled across some of these old cartoons.  Click here to see a representation of this collection, or get to it using the link in the right hand column.  Enjoy.

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